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11 October 2008 @ 08:28 pm
dfjalsdkjalkdj. being sick is like the worst thing in the whole entire world. after i got home from columbus monday, i seriously came into my house layed down on the couch asked dad to turn the a.c on and i started crying because i was convinced i was dying. idk. so mommy came home from work, and took me to the hospital, and we were there for like 2 hours or so, idk. anyhow he told me "my throat looked angry, and my ears were swollen." lmao. idek. he was super nice though.

and to beat it all, this fucking crazy bitch was in the room next to mine, and i swear to god she was the most rude, disrespectful, person i have ever experienced in a hospital, like wtf. she was like "does it really take this damn long to get two prescriptions?" like yelling...idek, she needed punched forreal. so the nurse tells her she needs to be patient that there are other patients being tended to, and she's like yeah right. yadda yadda. idk. she was like "i dont even know if i'm gonna be eating dinner tonight." the nurse said i'm sorry be patient. but no that woman wouldn't stfu. so the cops like escorted her out. lmfao. crazy bitch.

idk, buuuuut anyhow, bradford school in columbus. i'm pretty damn sure that's where i want to attend after high school. it's amazing and the campus is small.
04 October 2008 @ 07:52 pm
the notebook is coming on, i'm so excited!!!!!
04 October 2008 @ 05:50 pm
kdslfajk. okay so i finally decided to actually make a post in MY journal.

school has pretty much taken over my life, this is no joke, i'm so thrilled to be a senior finally. but then again it's like woah, wait i'm not quite old enough to be here. or at least i don't feel that i am. it's scary knowing that i'm going to start taking college visits soon. idk. on monday, i'm visiting probably one of the best business schools in the u.s. it's probably the most nervewrecking/most exciting thing i've ever done in my life. like, i'm super excited to go off to college but then it's like wtf am i going to do without my mommy and daddy? and my sisser. like i'm scared for those reasons. but, moving away for a little while i'm assuming will be good. lena and myself are going up there on monday, to tour and get information and stuff. if we both end up getting accepted then we're moving to columbus, probably soon after we've graduated and stuff. it's scary as idk what. but seeing how she's one of the best friends i've ever had, i'm pretty dang excited. i couldn't ask for anyone else etter to experience living with and having a college experience with.

speaking of college, my grades so far this year are doing pretty spiffy.
Business Math & Statistics 93.79 A
English 12 89.47 B+
Intro to Visual Art 97 A
Modern History 88.70 B+
Office Procedures 100 A
Physics 96.70 A
Prep for College Algebra 64.53 D-

mind you math is my absolute worst subject. so i'm doing pretty okay in there, lol.

idk. okay i think this is enough for this post. i just needed to get a little bit of my nervousness offa my chest. so yeah. (: